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Scanned from Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Season of Rose~

The CG page is up on the clover remake site, featuring the first 3 CGs (which I’ve already seen in magazine previews….*sigh*)

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Events 2-5 and some psychoanalyzing on Blood


Apparently the idea of the crazy storm freaks Blood out more than the other roleholders. I haven’t played the other routes, but from what I’ve seen he seems like the one who’s most heavily affected physically even before the storm (he’s 300% more lethargic than usual, Vivaldi rages a lot but I don’t think she had any physical problems??). He’s also worried that during the storm someone among the guys in love with Alice might change in a way that they’d stop holding back and assault Alice. Like I mentioned in the previous post, he also fears that Alice freely roaming about during the storm and coming in contact with too many people will make them crazier in unexpected ways and cause some sort of chain reaction.
More than anything, he doesn’t want Alice to see his ‘crazy’ self, which is partially because of his pride (he abhors the idea of exposing his ‘disgrace’ in front of Alice) and also because of his extreme jealousy and protectiveness, he isn’t comfortable with the idea of Alice shacking up with even himself if he’s changed by the crazy storm XD From my point of view it seemed like he was afraid of Alice liking his ‘changed’ version better,  or even someone else who had changed during the storm in a way that is to Alice’s liking.


So he proposes to build her a second home where she can settle during the period of the storm (they can also use it later as place to chill).  He leaves the decision to Alice whether she wants to move there or not, but Alice misunderstands that he means to throw her out of the mansion by force. This sparks a fight between them and causes Alice to lock herself up in her room. Normally Blood can come and go into any room in the mansion freely, but I guess like it was in Cheshire cat to Waltz, Alice’s room is special in the way that if Alice doesn’t approve he can’t get in or something. (Or maybe he was just angry and overreacted like a flailing baboon.) So he shoots the door full of holes and kicks it away to get in XD (of course, he had made sure that Alice had moved away from the door before that)


I was pretty surprised at his extreme actions, and I was totally on Alice’s side because dude you really made a shitty job of explaining your reasons and it was natural for her to think you are going to force her. But it seems like he was more hurt than we’d normally expect of his posing self when Alice automatically thought the worst of him (I don’t blame her one bit, but that’s how it seems from Blood’s end) and that hurt combined with his irritation because of his exhausted state made him blow up and throw a bitchfit. Alice kept avoiding him in the next event because she was still afraid he’d forcibly drag her out, but he finally found her and explained his reasons properly.


It’s interesting that once they cleared up the misunderstandings, Blood tells her that if she swears that she will stay committed to Blood’s current self no matter how all the residents change, he will drop the matter of her moving somewhere else. (They still can use the other home as a resort, but Alice won’t be leaving his side.) Somehow rather than just being limited to the time during the storm, the promise becomes all serious and starts resembling a marriage vow, Alice swearing to always be devoted to him. He even mentions that he takes this shit seriously and it’s a promise for life-he wouldn’t ever be able to stomach the idea of her leaving him.


Alice isn’t phased by his claim that if she betrays him he might kill her, she has faced his awesome proposal before XD She’s just like lol like I have the energy to look at anyone else and swears to only look at him always, and instantly Blood’s mood takes a complete 180 degree turn and for the next events they become lovey-dovey like you wouldn’t fuckin’ believe. Normally it’s hilarious how he had said the vows for both their parts during their marriage ceremony, but I think the guy probably had been brooding over the fact that Alice never swore to be with him, and Alice finally doing so granted him a big amount of mental relief.


Oh, and they had sex on the stairs Alice was sitting on when she made that vow, right after she spoke the words. XD Blood was going all “you didn’t think it’d end with just a kiss when we finally touched each other after so long, did you~”, making Alice go “damn I shouldn’t have taken my vow here orz”



So I’m translating the Blood and Vivaldi ending in Twin World (this is going to take awhile), and I’m at the scene where Alice reveals to Blood that she knows certain secrets about him and his sister. 

Now, recall earlier Alice had refused to go looking at real estate with Blood and he flipped out, shooting up a door with a machine gun and then kicking it down. 


But WEIRDLY, he’s pretty chill when Alice tells him about how she knows of his dark past (well, part of it, anyway). He’s just like “ugh, why did this happen?” and then they talk normally, without any yelling (like when they yelled at each other over Blood refusing to go to sleep) or drama king antics. 

I think the difference in his behavior is largely caused by the fact that he had been brooding over the fact that Alice never actually verbally agreed to be with him, and Alice finally swearing to only have eyes for him forever granted him a big amount of mental relief, curing him of his moodiness. Plus he was also nervous about the impending storm the first time, once it’s over he calmed down.

Or maybe he’s just an unpredictable drama king. XD

My thoughts when playing Blood’s route


prologue: Omg so lovey-dovey

scene 1-2: Darui Blood is Darui

scene 3: Blood stop thinking too much

scene 4-5: Blood I know you’re darui but don’t be a dickbag for that

scene 5-6: More love-love~  <3

scene 7-8: darui mode to THE MAX

scene 9 (rose garden ver): just kill me now  -sobs and lies on the ground-

scene 10: wtf dude you’re an adorable dumbass

Rest end: lol carrot

Nice dream end: dawww~

Vivaldi end: -river of tears-


Carla vs Shin After Stories:

☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ **saying this again** Gomen, had to split the images in two to prevent major quality loss. Scans Credit: (K704). (~ - 。-)~ This is my first time translating a Tsukinami thing this long, so do cut me a little slack (I’m not used to writing them really) and translating a few of Shin’s lines were kinda weird. I did do my best though~! Enjoy dear sinners~

Full Images Here: Carla/Shin

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KashimaWhat is this? I’m supposed to defeat him. Why can’t I deal Senpai the finishing blow?

Hori: Dammit, what is this? I know I’m supposed to lose…but I want to grab her foot and fling her into next year!

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